1. New studio series in featured on FASHIONEDITORIALS.COM

    01 Sep 2017
    Last month I had the opportunity to work with a hugely talented team on a big editorial for You can see the full spread here and a behind the scenes image from the day  Creative Director:Russell Neill @youthcreativeau  Photography / Retouching:Jess LaFrankie @jesslafrankie Lighting Technician:Nick Arnold…

  2. New warehouse series featured in STELL MAGAZINE

    10 Jul 2017
    Creative Director:Russell Neill @youthcreativeau  Photography / Retouching:Jess LaFrankie @jesslafrankie Make-up Artist:Nicole Georgiou @__nicolina__ Fashion Stylist:Stephaine Gaspodini @stephanie_gaspodini Model:Mikaela Jade Schreuder @ Vivien’s Models

  3. New series at MONTSALVAT featured in CLICHE MAGAZINE

    30 Apr 2017
    I spent a gorgeous Autumn day shooting at a the dreamy and etherial Montsalvat in Melbourne. We shot a fashion story featuring Elsa @ Pride Models wrapped in beautifully sunlight locations with a touch of mystery and history. Elsa @ Pride Models Makeup and Hair: Dave Waterman Styling: Liat Alden…

  4. A Feminist’s Guide to Retouching

    26 Dec 2016
    It’s the era of female empowerment, so why are we still being force fed images of reconstructed beauty? This could be an opinion piece and where I rant about things you may or may not agree with, but instead I’m going to walk through my process of how I retouch…

  5. A Guide To Printing Your First Portfolio Book

    30 Jul 2016
    As your career as a photographer advances you’ll find yourself in new situations. As a photographer, you’ll start to book bigger and better jobs and you will be asked to meetings where you can pitch yourself as the photographer. These days, most photographers have a website and believe it will…

  6. Where To Get Photography Inspiration

    12 Jul 2016
    There is so much photography inspiration available so how do you navigate these deep waters? Between online websites, magazines and galleries theres so much inspiration out there that it can be become a bit bombarding. Here are a few suggestions about navigating the various sources of insp. and finding the…

  7. Taking Amazing Landscapes On The Go

    16 Jun 2016
    The world is an incredible place and everyone sees it a little differently. A successful landscape photographer is able to take what’s in front of them and put their individual stamp on it. Personally, I like to chase landscapes that will inspire me so I’m always taking road trips to…

  8. What To Do After Photography School?

    01 Jun 2016
    When I moved to Melbourne I was searching for something different. I was already dedicated to photography when my sister picked out a photography college and I enrolled. I didn’t think it would stick and I gave it a year at most. Three years later I graduated with a high…

  9. How To Become A Fashion Photographer

    31 May 2016
    Fashion photography has been the most rewarding and enriching creative outlet I have ever experienced. When I started out I had no idea just how much I’d come to love this medium and how much it would teach me along the way.  Nobody wants to hear how hard it really…

  10. How To Plan A Successful Photography Campaign

    02 May 2016
    We all have expectations about how shoot day will unfold. Most people have unrealistic expectations of how much time each shot will take, how the weather can effect your outcome and just how much effort needs to be put into pre-production.  Being organised is your main priority for the day.…

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