Where To Get Photography Inspiration

There is so much photography inspiration available so how do you navigate these deep waters? Between online websites, magazines and galleries theres so much inspiration out there that it can be become a bit bombarding. Here are a few suggestions about navigating the various sources of insp. and finding the perfect stuff for you!

1. Pinterest

It took me forever to get onto the Pinterest bandwagon but once I disovered that I could move ALL my saved insp. images on my desktop to different boards on Pinterest it became my main go-to (I’m a de-clutter freak). I’ve got a whole blogpost dedicated to this so check that out here: 


2. Tumblr

If you’re on Tumblr you know what’s going on in the world, whats popular and and whats trending. Tumblr is like an online scrapbook and if you follow the right people your dash will be filled with beautiful images everytime you log on. Here are two blogs to follow and get you started.

Forget Them Wendy


3. Fashion Gone Rogue

This is directed towards fashion photographers, it’s a place where you’ll find all the most recent campaigns and fashion news. Spend time searching through their massive catalogue of shoots and keep up to date with what’s going on.

Finding inspiration in the non-digitial world is just as important and scrolling endlessly online. I live in Melbourne, so here are a few places to stop by if you’re after some inspiration lovin. If you live somewhere else it’s easy to take these suggestions and find the equivalent in your own city!

Melbourne’s Magnation

What a wonderful day it was when I came across this store with hundreds of different magazines - it rivalled Christmas to say the least. This is a store that has a coffee machine, cookies and chairs for you to browse all your favourite magazines in one room. I had always struggled to get my hands on Vogue Russia or Elle Singapore but there and behold I could buy them at the same place. I used to leave extra time on my walk to uni so I could stop in Magnation and have my inspiration levels flying through the roof before I even arrived. 

The National Gallery of Victoria

This gallery always has amazing and interesting exhibitions on. Two of my favourites were the Russian Winter Palace art collection and Monet’s paintings when they were in town. Aside from the amazing visiting exhibitions the NGV has an awesome permanent collection available for free! There’s always something you didn’t notice last time - I love wondering through and sitting in the cafe afterwards.

Something that is often ignored when talking about finding inspiration is taking that further step and getting in the car or on the train and going to the places where you want to take pictures. Location scouting is the bomb diggity of keeping you inspired, take a friend who’s into the same things as you and make a day of it. 

Happy Creating! 

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