1. Why All Fashion Photographers Should Use Pinterest

    26 Apr 2016
    I’ll admit, it took me a very long time to get amongst the Pinterest users. I used to hear about it from a few of my photography pals at college but I still didn’t get it.. why was Pinterest so great?  One day I was trying to sort through all…

  2. 7 Step Workflow

    17 Apr 2016
    Having an organised workflow is the key to creating a time saving system and keeping your files organised. There are many ways to make your workflow more efficient and these methods can ensure your files are easily accessible. The two most widely used programs that photographers use to catalog images…

  3. How To Book A Photoshoot

    14 Mar 2016
    Booking your first photoshoot can be a new and exciting experience but it’s easy to have preconceptions that don’t always match up to your experience. It can become a stressful, overwhelming or nervous process if you don’t feel prepared.   Most bookings are made via email or over the phone, it…

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