Top 8 Photoshoot Locations In Melbourne

Finding the perfect locations to shoot at can be a tiring task when faced with all the options that the wonderful city of Melbourne and it’s regional areas have to offer. 

I always look forward to Spring and Summer in Victoria as it’s a chance to get out of the studio and use some natural light in stunning locations. 

If you’re looking for your best summer spots to shoot in while the sun is out then here are my top 8 suggestions. 


Step into another world at Cactus Country. Located in Northern Victoria this location doesn’t disappoint with its unique landscape and charming characteristics. 

It has so many photographic areas and different types of cacti that you could get lost within the gardens. I definitely recommend this place if you need something with a desert theme or a different spin on ‘garden’.


This cliff-face is what dreams are made of. On the edge of a beach with relatively easy access you can shoot all day long and chances are you’ll run into another photoshoot since it’s such a beloved location by local photographers. You can go from exotic beach to inland desert vibes by turning your camera around. 


If your looking for a luxurious and decadent location then Labassa is without a doubt the location of choice. With its gorgeous detailed walls and beautiful exterior, it makes for an amazing backdrop for any fashion story. It is sometimes used as a wedding venue but there is magic in creating high-end fashion content in this 19th-century mansion. 


This garden is fantastic for access to an architectural heritage building surround by beautiful gardens. The Carlton Gardens have fountains, flowers, large trees with open areas and both the Royal Exhibition Building and Melbourne Museum situated in the middle. You have modern building exteriors, heritage/European building exteriors and a large garden to work with. I’ve shot here so many times and it’s always different!


You don’t have to drive far to immerse yourself in a lush rainforest. The general area has gorgeous properties and parks but the Alfred Nicholas has a cute cabin at the bottom of the park and so many lush plants surrounding it. It’s an idyllic background for summer/spring and is also gorgeous in Autumn. Its unique aspects make it an ideal place for unique shots. 


The quaint Montsalvat will have you swooning in no time! It’s super big with churches, ponds, paths, old stables and a quaint corner everytime you turn. It’s home to roaming peacocks and geese and a couple of resident artists. If you’re looking for something with character and a step back in time this is your spot. 


Royal Park is just on the outskirts of the CBD and it’s huge. In the hotter months the burnt grass makes for a remarkable array of natural colours in the landscape. It’s a home to heaps of native trees and could look as if you are in rural Victoria instead of the city. It has gorgeous greens and yellows and makes a beautiful natural backdrop. 


A personal favourite and fantastic picnic spot, Ripponlea is a versatile location with amazing outdoor backdrops. It has a large outdoor fernery with large rainforest trees as well as a beautiful lake with lily pads and a tower for great views. It has a retro pool with gorgeous columns and is well looked after by the National Trust.

For ideas on how to use these locations, check out my Photography Portfolio to see some of the shots I’ve taken there. 

By Jess Lafrankie

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