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  1. Best 5 Photoshoot Locations in Brisbane & Gold Coast

    20 Jun 2019

    Both Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Queensland are well known for their glorious beaches and the sun-kissed lifestyle that comes along with them.  I’ve been shooting photos there for ten years and have explored every beach and large garden it has to offer. Here are my Top 5 Photoshoot Locations…

  2. Bohemian Jewellery with Royal Hamam

    01 Jun 2018

    Here is my latest commissioned shoot for Royal Hamam which is a jewellery brand inspired by exotic architecture. Our mission was to capture images that felt like we were somewhere warmer than where we actually were (Melbourne during winter, ha!) which was challenging but overall a great aesthetic to achieve.…

  3. How To Book A Photoshoot

    14 Mar 2016

    Booking your first photoshoot can be a new and exciting experience but it’s easy to have preconceptions that don’t always match up to your experience. It can become a stressful, overwhelming or nervous process if you don’t feel prepared.   Most bookings are made via email or over the phone, it…

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