Featured Prints: The Egyptian Collection

I thought it would be fun to feature different prints from my online store to give you guys more insight into where they were taken are some experiences from that particular trip. The first group of images I want to feature is the Egyptian Collection!

These images are probably my favourite out of all the images in the online store. It was a big lifetime goal to go to Egypt and see the Pyramids of Giza and they certainly delivered. But it wasn’t only the Pyramids that captured my attention in Egypt. We started in Cairo and followed The Nile all the way down to the southmost part of Egypt, we got as close as 40km to the boarder of Sudan. As thrilling as the Pyramids were, the rest of the country is just as phenomenal. 

During my time there I slept on a felucca (a traditional wooden sailing boat) as we sailed down The Nile for days, I went hot air ballooning over the Valley of the Kings where King Tut’s tomb was found, hiked up Mt Sinai which was a spiritual experience and visited every temple I’ve ever been curious about. 

The Nile

One thing about this print that I really love is the texture. You can almost reach out and touch the trees in this print. Driving alongside The Nile is a super lush experience, there’s fields and farm, trees and reeds, so much much life centres around the river and it’s almost bizarre seeing such greenery in a place like Egypt.

Valley of Kings

The Valley of the Kings is home to more tombs than the Pyramids of ancient times. Once the Egyptians realised the Pyramids were being robbed, they decided to hide the royal tombs in this valley where they were kept well hidden for centuries. We are still discovering tombs in this area which is just so exciting! I love how the colours of landscape are so pale and muted and how the rock looks almost dusky pink from the sunrise.

Avenue of Sphinxes

One of the most impressive temples in Egypt was Karnak Temple in Luxor. It’s absolutely massive and used to have rows of sphinxes connecting this temple to the Luxor Temple. Many of these have been lost or remain buried beneath houses but it’s still quite a sight to see. 

Egyptian Tales

Want your very own Ancient Egyptian story hanging on your wall? This image is a small excerpt from Karnak Temple’s walls. The poetry in this story is beautiful and it looks as though this was a happy day in the world of the gods. There’s such magic in looking at hieroglyphics and ancient stories and there’s always more details and clues to find.

There you have it guys, Egypt is one of those countries worth having in your home to keep your mind growing more curious and appreciating this ancient place! 

Thank you to all the people who continue to support my work and buy from my online store, I love sharing these landscapes with the online world and seeing them hang in all your homes and offices <3

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