1. How To Build A Professional Photography Portfolio

    Date 24 Oct 2018
    Building a professional photography portfolio is all about the art of curation  As a photographer, almost always we only have a short amount of time to capture the interest of our audience, whether it’s showing someone your work in person or having them scroll through your website or social channels. …

  2. Minamalism with PEOPLE’S COLLECTIVE

    Date 23 Oct 2018
    This was the second time I had the chance to work with People’s Collective. I’m always in love with the items they stock and this shoot was no exception. We shot all the new items in the studio with a talented team. I used two lights, a beauty dish as…

  3. Launching My Online Print Store

    Date 19 Jul 2018
    Hi guys I’m ridiculously excited to announce that I have launched a small online store for 28 images that includes a mixture of travel and documentary photos.There’s photos from different corners of the world, from a month in Egypt to a week getaway to New Zealand to a day trip in the countryside of Victoria.…

  4. 4 Books Freelance Photographers Need to Read

    Date 07 Jun 2018
    Whether studying or self-taught, there are some things that we just miss out on. Luckily, there are many out there who want to share their secrets to success with us and these are a few of the best. Here are my top recommendations for any photographers who are looking to…

  5. Bohemian Jewellery with Royal Hamam

    Date 01 Jun 2018
    Here is my latest commissioned shoot for Royal Hamam which is a jewellery brand inspired by exotic architecture. Our mission was to capture images that felt like we were somewhere warmer than where we actually were (Melbourne during winter, ha!) which was challenging but overall a great aesthetic to achieve. I…

  6. Feature in British Vogue March 2018

    Date 01 Jun 2018
    Spotted another image from my shoot with Angelina Alverez Jewellery in a second issue of British Vogue this month! Big love to this epic team, it’s so lovely to see these images in one of my favourite magazines! 


    Date 14 May 2018
    I’m so excited to announce my first photography workshop! I remember the first fashion photography workshop I attended when I was first starting out as a photographer, we shot a bunch of agency models in a lavish location and the images I took away lasted years in my portfolio. They…

  8. Bold Colours With BIBA SALON

    Date 19 Apr 2018
    Here is my latest beauty shoot with the talented Ben Russell from BIBA Salon in Fitzroy. I just loved all the epic hair that he created, it was super surreal shooting such amazing colours and styles. I don’t usually get to do too much beauty work these days so I…

  9. Luxury Swimear with ZACOB SPORTIV

    Date 19 Apr 2018
    I recently had the pleasure of shooting the launch collection for Zacob Sportiv, an emerging swimwear label out of Melbourne inspired by sport. We had a gorgeous location on the day, a unique poolside at a home in St Kilda but the lighting conditions were a little tricky. With overcast weather for…

  10. Plus Size Activewear with AKILAH

    Date 12 Apr 2018
    I was contacted by the lovely Georgie from Akilah to shoot their first campaign and lookbook in Melbourne. It’s a beautiful brand of Activewear for sizes 14-22 and all made in Australia. We shot in a great studio and brought in a cool backdrop to keep the feminine aura for…

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