03 Mar 2020
    NATURAL LIGHT FASHION EDITORIAL Hi guys! I’ve shot a ton of new work lately and I thought I’d share this shoot which I just shot up on the Gold Coast. This shoot came about because I had a bunch of dresses sitting in my shooting wardrobe and thought it would…

  2. Best 5 Photoshoot Locations in Brisbane & Gold Coast

    20 Jun 2019
    Both Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Queensland are well known for their glorious beaches and the sun-kissed lifestyle that comes along with them.  I’ve been shooting photos here for ten years and have explored every beach and large garden it has to offer.  Here are my Top 5 Photoshoot Locations…

  3. Modelling Portfolio Photoshoots on the Gold Coast with Vivien’s Model Management

    01 May 2019
    For the last few years, I’ve split my time between the Gold Coast and Melbourne, working as a photographer out of both cities and enjoying the chance for a change of scenery.  I’ve had a great working relationship with Vivien’s Model Management in Brisbane ever since I picked up a…

  4. Fashion Photography Workshop: Labassa Workshop

    28 Feb 2019
    Here it is guys! The behind the scenes video from my very first fashion photography workshop in Melbourne, Australia. We had such a great day in this super stunning location and the team did a fantastic job of bringing this day to life. We’ve just announced 2 new workshops for…

  5. Featured Prints: The Egyptian Collection

    19 Feb 2019
    I thought it would be fun to feature different prints from my online store to give you guys more insight into where they were taken are some experiences from that particular trip. The first group of images I want to feature is the Egyptian Collection These images are probably my…

  6. Who Magazine: Jett Kenny

    19 Feb 2019
    Jett Kenny for Who Magazine  article

  7. How To Build A Professional Photography Portfolio

    24 Oct 2018
    Building a professional photography portfolio is all about the art of curation  As a photographer, almost always we only have a short amount of time to capture the interest of our audience, whether it’s showing someone your work in person or having them scroll through your website or social channels.…

  8. Minamalism with PEOPLE’S COLLECTIVE

    23 Oct 2018
    This was the second time I had the chance to work with People’s Collective. I’m always in love with the items they stock and this shoot was no exception. We shot all the new items in the studio with a talented team. I used two lights, a beauty dish as…

  9. Launching My Online Print Store

    19 Jul 2018
    Hi guys I’m ridiculously excited to announce that I have launched a small online store for 28 images that includes a mixture of travel and documentary photos.There’s photos from different corners of the world, from a month in Egypt to a week getaway to New Zealand to a day trip…

  10. 4 Books Freelance Photographers Need to Read

    07 Jun 2018
    Whether studying or self-taught, there are some things that we just miss out on. Luckily, there are many out there who want to share their secrets to success with us and these are a few of the best. Here are my top recommendations for any photographers who are looking to…

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